7 Political Apps That Will Make You a Better Voter (And Citizen)

Must Have iPhone Apps For Staying Updated, Informed, and Involved During This Election Season, And Beyond...


Election season is upon us! Even though the 2016 Election is over a year away, most of the candidates have been running their races at full speed since last Spring. They make for an interesting group to say the least, and the coverage so far has not failed to shock and entertain. But the outrageous and often amusing campaign stunts being pulled by far-right, extremists that plague the GOP, could spell trouble if they get the attention of enough voters. Obviously there's a lot at stake here. (Especially since Donald Trump is actually one of our Presidential possibles now. Yikes!). So I decided to research a bunchhh of different political apps, then I selected the most functional, diverse, and unbiased ones to share right here - with you!  (I may be open about my political views, but I take some pride in seeking out unbiased, well rounded sources) Because accurate information, activism, and outreach are the best weapons for change, and these apps have that. This list should have a little something for everybody - whether you're completely undecided or uninterested (until now), just tuning in to the election coverage but unsure of the candidates, or if you're a regular political newsjunkie like me - I've got you covered.

Hope You Enjoy!  And Let Me Know What You Think In The Comments. Have an App Suggestion? Let's Hear It! I Look Forward To Connecting With You Soon!  

- Kayleigh

The 7 Best Political Apps for iPhone: 

Voter is like the e-Harmony of political apps. New to the election game and not sure what you're looking for in a candidate? Or maybe you're starting to question that long term commitment with your current party? No worries! Voter will set you up with Mr. Right (or Left) by using a series of "yes or no" questions designed to match you with candidates and parties that align with your beliefs. After you complete the questionnaire you'll get a list of them ranked for you by compatibility. You can explore your results by reading up on the candidates, or contact a party representative. It's like a match made in political heaven. Favorite feature: The campaign contributions graph that let's you see who your candidate's biggest donors are.

iCitizen is probably my favorite app on this list. Follow the issues you care about and curate your news feed to see stories and take polls relating to those issues. iCitizen also uses your location to connect you with your representatives at all levels of government. Then you can track any bills they're voting on, weigh in with your own vote, or contact them directly by email, phone, or social media. You can also compare poll results by state, and iCitizen sends the data from polls to lawmakers. Favorite feature: The Issues tab is what set's this app apart by far. Not only does it let you follow issues like gun rights or immigration, it gives you an overview of the issue, a more detailed explanation of the laws and history behind it, a timeline of important court rulings, and let's you read actual legislation on the issue. It's like having a mini law library in your pocket. 

Countable is a lot like iCitizen in the way that it let's you follow issues, vote on proposed or passed legislation with polls, and connects you with your lawmakers so you can track upcoming bills and weigh in. What's different about Countable is that it explains the pros and cons of voting YEA or NAY for each bill, and let's you share your opinion with a community of other people who've voted. It also gives you the official Bill ID, Title and Summary. Then it takes the activism thing a step further by letting you follow and engage with politicians, and political candidates on issues they've weighed in on. Favorite feature: You can also find and follow organizations that support the issues you care about, like Planned Parenthood or Everytown, and vote on legislation related to their causes.


4) Show of Hands

Show of Hands is basically an app dedicated to polling everything, but it's putting a special emphasis on the upcoming election and political candidates for now. You can vote for the candidate you support, see all open polls related to them, and discuss or debate your answers with other people who've voted. Show of Hands also connects you with your lawmakers, let's you create your own poll, and share results. Favorite feature: SOH asks for age, sex, education and other information within your profile, then when you vote you can see the results displayed along with a detailed analysis of voter demographics.


5) Politifact: Truth-O-Meter

Politifact is a great app for fact-checking candidates and other politicians. You can see a feed of most recent statements made by candidates, a rating of how truthful they are, and an explanation of the rating with accurate info. You can also search Politifact by ratings, poeple or subject, and there's a ton of extra features including a Truth Index that calculates truthfulness in politics like a stock market index, and the Flip-O-Meter which shows which politicians have been inconsistent in their stance on various issues. This is the only app I've listed that isn't free, (it costs $1.99 in the App Store) but there is a free version called Politifact - Settle It that's also pretty handy.  Favorite feature: The Promise Groups features lets you see the promises kept, broken, or compromised on by the Obama administration and the GOP in Congress and compare follow through between both parties. 

6) Politico

The Politico app is your go-to source for ALL of the latest news in politics. The app menu allows you to switch from Top News to news on Congress or The White House, and the 2016 Election. You can also select news feeds by policy, or switch to a Politico blog or column. There's a section of Tip Sheets (daily/weekly newsletters covering politics and policy from Politico) to choose from, and a multimedia section with a feed of photos, most watched videos, and White House videos. Favorite feature: I love the massive selection of political information available, and I'm a big fan of Politicos Tip Sheets. 



7) Newsfusion - US Presidential Election 2016 News

This is a great app for having all of the 2106 Election news right at your fingertips. You can curate your feed by candidates or political party, change from full article to thumbnail view for easier scrolling, and select the timeline of news by Latest, Day or Week. It's also easy to comment on articles, share them, or see a list of other sources covering the same story. You can also change the font of the article for easier viewing or bookmark them within the app. Favorite feature: The Election Poll feature, accessible from the top left corner, makes this app stand out from the rest of the news apps. This feature allows you to see the latest Election Polls from Real Clear Politics on every candidate. It really is a wealth of Election information right at your fingertips.