My Very First Blog Post: Hello World!


Welcome to American Idealist

Thank you for joining me! This is the beginning of possibility, maybe, something great -- whether it's a blog that makes the world a bit better; creates an active, online community for engaging in tolerant, civil debate; or, even just helps someone find a sweet, new friendship. Either way, I do hope you'll stick around for the ride, and all of the exciting moments to come. 

A Look at Me and My Little World

If you've already read the About Page, then you know I've promised lots of thoughtful content, new perspectives, and insightful discussions on this site. And it is coming, dear reader. Soon - Just not today. This post is going to be light and fluffy. I want to take this opportunity for us to get to know each other a little better. So...

I've decided to kick things off with an icebreaker. 

Or, as I like to call it: The "Getting To Know You" activity I made up, as a quick, and easy way to share some information about myself for this post. Basically, I jotted down a list of facts about me, then sorted them into 3 categories: The Good, the Bad, and the Personal. The Good is a list of traits I like about myself, personal achievements, and things I enjoy. The Bad is, well, the opposite - disappointments, personal weaknesses, and general dislikes. And finally, the Personal is a hodgepodge of interesting tidbits about my personality, beliefs, and quirky opinions. 

These lists have been shortened, and displayed below for your viewing pleasure. Just click on the list you want to read to see the full image.  Enjoy!

I hope you've enjoyed the first blog post from American Idealist. Now, it's your turn. What's something you'd like people to know about you? Tell me in the comments! You can share some facts from your own Good/Bad/Personal list, or let me know what you think of mine. I look forward to connecting with you soon!


- Kayleigh